December 6, 2023

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Reviews and comments about business Currency Exchanger Reviews

If you want to exchange electronic currencies, money, rubles, dollars or cryptocurrency – our monitoring of exchange offices is for you! Our exchanger aggregator provides reliable information about reliable and safe exchangers and the most favorable exchange rates for electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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This exchange is an absolute disappointment. The high fees and poor exchange rates resulted in significant financial losses. Their customer service is next to non-existent, leaving users to fend for themselves when issues arise. The frequent technical problems with the platform are a constant source of frustration, with crashes and disruptions during trades. The security is questionable, as my account got compromised without proper support for recovery. I strongly advise against using this platform.

I can’t express enough how awful this exchange is. I had a nightmarish experience with their margin trading – it’s a surefire way to lose your investments. They impose laughably low withdrawal limits, making it frustrating to access your funds when needed. The never-ending verification process, coupled with their unreasonable demands for personal information, is a major invasion of privacy. The support team is unhelpful, and their rude responses only compound the misery of dealing with this platform. It’s a regrettable choice I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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