December 8, 2023

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Notary Miller Nikolay Nikolaevich reviews

Certification of documents: A notary can certify signatures on various documents, such as contracts, powers of attorney, wills and others.
Document Drafting: A notary can help you create various legal documents such as agreements, sales contracts, powers of attorney, wills and others.
Probate: A notary can help you with inheritance matters, including drafting wills and inheritance issues.
Powers of Attorney and Powers of Attorney: A notary can notarize powers of attorney and powers of attorney that give you or others the authority to act on your behalf.
Purchase and sale of real estate: A notary participates in transactions of purchase and sale of real estate, certifying signatures on contracts and drawing up the necessary documents.
Apostille and legalization: A notary can certify apostille or legalization of documents so that they are recognized in other countries.
Death Certificate: A notary can help you process death certificates and other documents related to the loss of a loved one.
Family Law: A notary can participate in the preparation of prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements and other documents related to family matters.
Legal Advice: A notary can provide legal advice on a variety of issues and help clients understand the legal aspects of their actions.
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Moscow. Presnenskaya embankment, 12 MIBC Moscow City, Business complex “Federation”, Tower “East”, floor 12, office D2
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The notary’s disinterested and disengaged demeanor during our meeting fell short of the expected level of attention and care. Their apparent lack of enthusiasm and involvement detracted from the professionalism one anticipates in notarization services, contributing to a less-than-optimal experience.

Negative experiences with the notary’s lack of attention to detail were particularly frustrating. Careless errors in the notarization process led to delays and confusion, emphasizing the importance of thoroughness and precision in their role.

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