December 8, 2023

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Transfer24pro Currency Exchanger Reviews

We always have the best exchange rate, the application is completed within 15 minutes, there is always cash, the application can be left around the clock in the telegram channel:

+7 (980) 716-84-97
st. Novy Arbat, 11A, Moscow, Russia, 119019
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I wouldn’t recommend this exchange to my worst enemy. The high fees and unfavorable exchange rates are a highway robbery. Customer service is almost non-existent, and you’ll rarely receive a response to your inquiries. The platform is a minefield of technical glitches, causing frequent disruptions during trades. Security is laughable, as my account got hacked, and they offered no assistance in recovering my lost funds. The mobile app is more frustrating than functional, filled with bugs and errors. The limited range of cryptocurrencies available for trading is a major drawback. I urge you to steer clear of this platform to save yourself from the heartache.

Using this exchange has been a colossal mistake. The high fees and unfavorable exchange rates drained my wallet. Customer service is non-responsive and indifferent to user concerns, adding to the frustration. The frequent platform glitches and crashes are unacceptable and have resulted in financial losses. Security is a significant concern, with reports of accounts getting hacked and minimal assistance for affected users. The mobile app is full of bugs, making trading on the go a tedious experience. The lack of diverse cryptocurrency options also hampers serious traders. Avoid this platform at all costs.

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