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About company:

We’re the UK’s largest car buying service and have helped over 3 million customers to sell their car since 2006. Our simple three step process provides our customers with a quick, easy, safe and convenient way of selling their car. Free from the hassles of private sale and the inevitable haggle of part-exchange. But believe it or not, we do more than just buy cars.

With over 700 employees and over 500 branches nationwide, we’re a pretty big team and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

5 thoughts on “Webuyanycar Review

  1. Offered me £5660 online. Went to the Garforth Branch and got offered £4800. Signed the iPad with no opportunity to read. When I got paid they had paid me £4171.62 (random figure?) I emailed customer services who said I d signed the paperwork so didn’t have a leg to stand on. DO NOT TRUST they act like back street Del Boys.

  2. You said … “If your car is in the condition you say it is, we promise to pay the price we quote.” but you don’t. Everyone knows the price quoted is fictitious so I wasn’t surprised. The service is fine and convenient. I would recommend to friends but warn them that the price quoted is not the price you get on the day. WeBuyAnyCar gave us more than Motorway and Motorway is much more work. You can do both as each give you a few days to take up their offer.

  3. My car got evaluated £15,500 at webuyanycar Wimbledon, I sold it for £17,500 (2k more!) to We Want Any Car a week later! Always quote competive. £2k is a big difference.

  4. Gave on line quote then lower it by $5000 on van with 8400 miles with monroney label. Keep saying its a different vechile. This van is in high demand i had the only one forsale in the state. I drove the van down the strret to a dealership who gave me more and they had the van sold before the ink was dry. They are no good to deal with. I made sure we were on the same page before starting the process and over 30 minutes later they changed the agreement

  5. Done online valuation on my 65 reg plate Mitsubishi outlander phev mentioning the passenger side door dent and got a quote of £14141. Went to their location next day any guy offered me £8k saying I done twice/year Mot so the car is minicab car. Told him he’s wrong and he’s got wrong information. As an Interpreter I’m driving a lot up and down the country and I’m sharing the car with my wife so to make sure we are safe and rely on the car I’m doing the mot twice/ year. I just found out with this occasion that minicab cars are doing the same ( mot twice/year). I mentioned to the guy to have a look on the car in and out so he can see the immaculate condition exept of the dent and he told me he can offer me £8k. When I asked him why they are waisting people’s time been a sham he offered me £10k and asked me how much I want for my car. He was completely unprofessional like the whole company beeing of waist of time. Car is in immaculate condition inside with full independent service history with 2 keys. AVOID THEM AS THEY ARE TRYING TO WAIST YOUR TIME AND KNOCK DOWN THE PRICE A LOT. UNFORTUNATELY FOR THEM I HAVE KNOWLEDGE IN TERMS OF CARS ALSO APART OF my job so they can not cheat me and trying to make of huge profits by cheating others. I assume what I’m saying cause this is the reality, they are cheating people thinking most of people don’t have knowledge in terms of cars. This should be stopped as a practice as they are misleading people and trying to make huge profits.

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